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Riverside Meadows Sub division


The Riverside Subdivisions is a Greenfield development situated on the northeast corner of the city. Riverside Meadows is bordered by York Colony Subdivision and Heritage Heights Subdivision.

Riverside subdivision is of a contemporary design with green space and attractive street layouts. City of Yorkton anticipates a mix of affordable single dwellings, upper scale homes.

The lots to be developed by Sundog Developments are sized 10.67 m wide by 42.67 m deep and several of the lots are serviced with a rear lane. These dimensions provide room for detached garages and garden areas along with additional parking.

Riverside is near the St Michael’s’ Elementary Catholic School and the MC Knoll Elementary School. 


Available Lots

Available lots highlighted in green*

Availalbe lots highlighted in green* 


Riverside Meadows Phase I 

Lot  7,  Block 2, Plan 00Y10405  60   Good Spirit Crescent  R -2

Lot  8,  Block 2, Plan 00Y10405  66   Good Spirit Crescent  R -2

Lot 10, Block 2, Plan 00Y10405 78   Good Spirit Crescent  R -2

Lot 11, Block 2, Plan 00Y10405 84   Good Spirit Crescent  R -2

Lot 12, Block 2, Plan 00Y10405 90   Good Spirit Crescent  R -2

Lot 13, Block 2, Plan 00Y10405 96   Good Spirit Crescent R -2

Lot 25, Block 1, Plan 00Y10405  101   Good Spirit Crescent  R - 3

Lot 58, Block 1, Plan 101995533 59    Good Spirit Crescent  

Riverside Meadows Phase II

Lot 63, Block 1, Plan 102022232 139 Good Spirit Crescent  R-2

Lot 64, Block 1, Plan 102022232 145 Good Spirit Crescent  R-2 

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