York Enterprises Inc.



Stephen Onda and York Enterprises Inc. are currently focused on building homes in Riverside Subdivision and York Colony Subdivision. Initial development and project refinement began with Sundog Developments Ltd.  York Enterprises has set itself the objective of providing affordable housing in Yorkton. 

We balance design and construction technologies to deliver homes that appeal and are competitively priced. York Enterprises and Sundog Developments will provide high-quality, comfortable single dwelling homes. Our homes offer state-of-the-art living conditions reflective of the rapid advancements in technology and a growing need for quality housing. Our company is dedicated to a family living environment in which homeowners can enjoy the benefits of safe, attractive, and value enhanced homes.

Quality neighbourhoods result from design, construction quality with a emphasis on long term value. In turn such neighbourhoods grow to become a vibrant part of a community.

Building value is our goal. 


Stephen Onda has worked as a project manager in a wide variety of projects nationally and internationally, all with strong Saskatchewan components during his career of over twenty five years.  

York Enterprises, Sundog Developments and Halifax Holdings are specific purpose development companies dedicated to creating value and quality in the residential market.

These project-orientated companies are lead by Stephen Onda.  Stephen started Sundog Holdings in 2007 as a rental property holding company with twenty seven single dwelling properties and a twelve unit apartment building in Regina.  In 2013 Halifax Holdings is building twenty two (22) affordable rental units in the downtown Core area of Regina, SK. Sundog Developments was formed in 2010 to develop and build affordable homes at Allan Bay in Yorkton. Sundog oversaw the completion of a six-plex townhouse developed to retail at $ 225,000 in April 2011. 

The Yorkton development efforts, we feel, are well placed for the needs and demands of the growing community. We look forward to a continued and on going role in housing for Yorkton and Saskatchewan.

Stephen has over twenty years in project management as a Producer/Production Manager working in knowledge based industries, largely television and broadcast product development and production. Stephens’ strengths result from his experience as a lead in building project specific teams and providing those projects and teams with dedicated project management.  

The best build is when everyone is happy with delivery and service.